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A good teacher student relationship begins with learning about each other and developing trust. I bet you remember working extra hard and feeling inspired to go above and beyond for a teacher you loved or admired. Similarly, most of us can identify a teacher who made a stimulating subject feel like drudgery. Before we make progress with reading or writing, we’ll get to know each other by discovering each other’s learning profiles, interests, and multiple intelligences.


Whether you believe in whole language approach, or a phonics based reading program, I can tailor a reading curriculum to your child’s needs. We’ll begin with a few assessments to uncover your child’s needs, strengths, and hopes for our time together. I am trained in the Orton Gillingham (O.G) multisensory approach to reading, and will use a blend of O.G.’s reading, writing and spelling curriculum as well as authentic texts at your child’s “just right” level. Together, we will build the self-efficacy to instill a life-long love of reading!


In addition to using O.G.’s skills based approach, I will incorporate other tools and curricula to create a dynamic blend to match your child’s needs. I teach grammar, spelling, and writing skills without suffocating a child’s natural drive to tell stories and develop the voice of a young writer. Whether your child needs direct focus on specific writing skills, or an experience with an authentic writing product, I can produce a series of lessons that will increase your child’s confidence and independence.

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