Muddy hands, Happy hearts!

The day is done and boy, what a day it was! We started early, with feet stomping the cob and making it into balls. We loaded up wheelbarrows with clay that we dug up from a hillside near by.  Participants trucked wheelbarrows and buckets back and forth to the work site, then began stomping cob. The most efficient and fun way to get a heavy load of cob from your mixing tarp to the building site: a cob toss.  Balls of mud flew through the air as kids tossed them in a line from hand to hand.

Cob flying
Cob toss!

Animals moved through the hustle and bustle of hard working kids, and the sounds of collaboration & excitement were punctuated only by the comedic bleating of the freshly shorn sheep who watched as we mixed.  Before you knew it, lunchtime came around and the usual game of “Zombies” ensued. After all of the bellies were filled, slow moving feet gave way to furious stomping. Time flew by and just like that, we had everyone on the structure working and laughing, this is what I like to call getting into “The Zone.”

Even Molly tried to help out.



Then again, maybe not

Molly sleeping

Work was not in short supply, Then the goopy clay slip came in and everyone got a handful as they formed handfulls of straw into “straps” to weave through the mesh structure that would eventually provide the dome for the frog’s open mouth. Straw straps, similar to metal rebar in a building, provide good tensile strength and will distribute the weight of the arch.  Children wove the straps as sun dipped lower and lower and the structure started to take shape. The kids didn’t even notice when the parents came to take their EXTREMELY muddy children home.

Goofy faces after a day of weaving straw straps through the form work for the arch!


Moms and kids mix together!



Muddy Feet
Splooshy feet are the best way to cool down!

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  1. Thanks for all your help as a guest blogger documenting our work, Ben! What a great gift to have you working with us and recording it all as it unfolded!

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